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Stacks Bundle

Today you can purchase every stack on this page in one bundle deal, for a fraction of the price of buying them individually.

cLaw // €6.00

cLaw is a lightweight RapidWeaver Stack that allows you to create a simple cookie notifications with predefined themes and several configuration options. You can add it to your project easily. The GDPR plugin installation only takes a few minutes thereafter the cookie consent notification pops up for the visitors immediately.

cLaw - a GDPR Stack that allows you to create a simple cookie notifications.

cTimer // €6.00

This RapidWeaver Stack allows you to add Countdown timer into your websites. It is perfect for displaying a Countdown to any upcoming event or occasion. Stack options allow you to select an event date and then customize colors, fonts, sizes, and other attributes of the countdown. All of this will enable you to beautifully incorporate this stack into your websites.

cTimer - Display a countdown to any upcoming event.

eDisable // €6.00

This RapidWeaver Stack allows you to disable Right Click, Text and Images Copying, Keyboard and Scrolling on your projects. You can disable some of these features or all of them at once. This Stack is particularly useful if you want to protect your images from being downloaded or your text from being copied.

eDisable - a Stack to Disable Right Click, Copying, Keyboard, Scrolling.

uCounter // €6.00

This RapidWeaver Stacks allows you to add animated numbers Count Up into your sites. It is perfect for displaying your data in a fun and interactive way. You can display any amount of numbers with corresponding text. You can also customize colors, sizes, fonts, spaces, etc.

uCounter - Present your data with animated numbers count up.

Loader // €6.00

There are many advantages of adding a preloader to your website. Not only can this produce a nice visual effect, it can, more importantly, allow time for images and other assets to load.

Loader displays a loading animation until the browser fetched the whole web content and will fade out the moment the page has been completely cached. Because off the simplicity of Loader, you can choose from several styles and colors to adapt to your RapidWeaver project needs.

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Asked Questions!

By using a project, you save a lot of time and energy structuring your website, choosing the right fonts, colors, and other elements of your project & site.

Foundry templates are re-usable Stacks templates/components ready-made to be used in any project file, or the default one.

No. Its like single purchase. You buy the pass for one year, you won’t be charged automatically. If you need another year, you have to purchase manually again. So, you are safe from unwanted charges.

Absolutely. Membership is only needed for continued access to downloads, new releases and support. If at any point you decide you don't need any those, simply let your membership expire and keep using anything you've already downloaded – your license to use them never expires.

Yes. When you join our membership you'll get access to all our Foundry addons, including future releases, exclusive addons and stacks for one year, if you need another year, you have to purchase manually again. So, you are safe from unwanted charges.

Yes. But you will have to open the project file and export it first, then you can easily edit it in a HTML editor of your choice.

When you purchase a project file, you get an archive with a RapidWeaver project file, a separate folder with copyright-free stock photos and fonts, and a .txt file with instructions on how to use the project (if applicable).

To access your product, pull up your email receipt. Click the "View content” button to go to the product’s download page. Alternatively, you can create a Gumroad account using the email address you previously bought your product(s) with. With a Gumroad account, you’ll be able to access your purchases at any time from your Library.

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Please don't do that! If you purchase a project file you can use it for your clients and you can charge for that but you can't resell any licensed project or copy parts of it into your own project and sell it in online marketplace's or your own website.

Since egoMade is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds after the product is shipped, which you are responsible for understanding upon purchasing any project from us.